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  • hole rubber grommets are usually used to cover the rough and sharp edges of a hole in metal for the manufacturing or production or other related industries.

  • Our rubber grommets for hardware carry out RMA A2 Precision tolerances and can be made for a variety of industries and uses. It can be bonded to metal parts or other pieces for reinforcement or other functional or cosmetic purposes.

  • soft rubber grommets is to protect or cover holes and reduce vibration. It will help eliminate sharp edges and protect electrical wires, cord, rope by Inserting a rubber grommet.

  • Generally,electrical wire rubber grommets is flared on both sides to hold it firmly in place. Grommets reinforce a hole and can provide cable protection for items passing through this hole.

  • oblong rubber grommets is to protect wires and items passing through by fill holes in panels for cushioning, sealing, insulation.

  • Large rubber grommets are common in rings, inserted into or through a hole or puncture in a material typically used to prevent wear, tearing or abrasion. In this way, it can guard the material where the grommet is settled, or even to protect other materials, like wires, cables, or tubing passing through the hole.