The role of nanometer zinc oxide in rubber production


In the rubber industry, especially in the production of […]

In the rubber industry, especially in the production of transparent rubber products, nano zinc oxide is an excellent vulcanization activator. Since nano-zinc oxide can achieve molecular level bonding with rubber molecules, it can improve the properties of the rubber compound and improve the properties of the finished product.

Taking radial tires and other rubber products as an example, the use of nano-zinc oxide can significantly improve the thermal conductivity, wear resistance, tear resistance, tensile strength and other indicators of the product, and its use can save 35-50%, greatly reducing The product cost; in the processing technology, can extend the scorch time of the rubber compound。

which is extremely beneficial to the processing technology. Used in rubber shoes, rain boots, rubber gloves and other labor protection products, nano zinc oxide can greatly extend the service life of products and improve their appearance and color.

It is used in transparent or colored rubber products and has traditional activities such as carbon black. The irreplaceable role of the agent. Nano-zinc oxide is used in products such as gas sealants and gaskets, and has a good effect on improving the wear resistance and sealing effect of the products.

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