The principle of using a washer


A washer, a type of fastener shaped like a toroid, used […]

A washer, a type of fastener shaped like a toroid, used for the support surface of a bolt, screw or nut and the middle of the joint part surface, reducing the contact surface area of ​​the connected part, reducing the pressure per unit area and protecting the surface of the connected part. The role of destruction; spring washers, can also play a role in preventing the nut from loosening. The spring washer is mainly used for anti-loose. The flat washer has no loose function. That is, the flat washer only increases the contact area.

The spring washer can be loosened. For example, the bolt connecting the motor to the base is usually spring washer, because the motor vibrates, if not Spring washer, the nut will loosen. Generally, the fasteners on the equipment with vibration are equipped with spring washers, and the flanges are generally not required to be flattened. The addition of a spring washer on the flange is related to the medium through which the pipe circulates. If it is easy to generate a pulse, it is better to add a spring washer and a high-speed fluid.

The caliber changes frequently, and it is not necessary to generalize. On some valves, the stuffing box gland flange requires a spring washer. In summary, flat washers are used to increase the tightening contact area; spring pads are used for vibration-proof places to prevent loosening; PVC flanges are not required to be spring-loaded. If you know that the main function of the spring washer is to prevent loosening, what is the specific condition of the spring washer? The spring washer is used as follows。

The application of the spring washer can apply the following four standards: standard spring washer light spring washer Heavy duty spring washers. Use of spring washers: The device is placed under the nut to prevent the nut from loosening. It is stated in national standards. The hexagonal slotted nut is designed to be used with a bolt with a hole at the end of the screw to insert the split pin into the hole of the screw from the groove of the nut to prevent the nut from automatically returning. It is mainly used for occasions with vibration load or alternating load. 

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