The most popular silicone kitchenware collection


Every kitchen tool material has its pros and cons, but […]

Every kitchen tool material has its pros and cons, but the synthetic polymer known as silicone often takes the cake so to speak. What makes it so great for cooking? Silicone is non-toxic and heat-resistant. It’s flexible, durable and dishwasher safe.

It’s usually fairly affordable. Silicone kitchen utensils won’t scratch your pots and pans and aren’t easily stained by food. We’ve gathered several essential silicone cooking utensils that deserve to be in your kitchen. Read on for some of the full list and some of our favorite recipes to make with them.This silicone spatula set is ideal for the precise, catch-all movement needed for making the perfect scrambled eggs or cake batter.

Its thin, flexible edges help leave nothing behind and eliminate clumps and unevenness.Everyone needs a turner spatula or three for pancakes. In order to flip masterfully without scratching your pan, obtain a silicone turner spatula that will slide seamlessly under your food.Skip the cooking spray or parchment paper in favor of a heat resistant silicone baking mat. Place it right on the cookie sheet for a clean, non-stick surface.

These mats are so easy you’ll find yourself regularly baking chocolate pretzel crinkle cookies.Silicone ice cube trays are simply superlative – cubes come out SO easily. Readily available ice cubes are our excuse for more cocktails on the rocks like this Rock ‘n’ Rolla.This silicone steamer is the dream. It stretches to fit wider pots, works well in pressure cookers and the flat bottom is great for steaming fish.

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