Rubber product development history


Today, talk about the development of rubber products, t […]

Today, talk about the development of rubber products, the following is the development of rubber products by Suzhou Pingu Rubber & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.
In 2011, the European debt crisis continued to spread, the international market responded sensitively, and the domestic macro economy was sluggish. The rubber products industry, which is widely used in the national economy and played an important role, was inevitably affected. At the same time, the three major natural rubber exporting countries have formed a strategic alliance to raise the price of rubber, which has led to a reduction in production and production due to increased production costs in the rubber products industry; the downstream automobile manufacturing industry is facing policy control risks, while the macro-control policies of the real estate industry are still not seen. Relax. The combination of many factors has led to a slowdown in the development of the rubber products industry.
According to the "2013-2017 China Rubber Products Industry Market Demand Forecast and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" statistical analysis of the production and operation of 10 key domestic and foreign tire companies in January 2013: tire production decreased by 0.53%, an increase of 32.22%, including The output of radial tires increased by 44.28% year-on-year; the export volume of tires increased by 30.55% year-on-year; the inventory value of finished products decreased by -7.46% year-on-year, achieving a good start.
The January data was better than the same period of last year, and the industry's warming trend was obvious: in January of this year, China's tire production increased sharply year-on-year, and the export situation improved significantly. The value of finished products showed negative growth for the first time. Since the Spring Festival last year in January, the number of effective working days was small, resulting in a low base and a large increase. In recent months, the production of radial tires has basically maintained an increase of more than 10%, and the value of finished products has continued to decline, indicating that the demand for tires in China has continued to improve, and the recovery is at the right time.
Rubber products refer to the activities of producing various rubber products using natural and synthetic rubber as raw materials, and also include rubber products regenerated using waste rubber. One thing to note is that rubber products are generally non-toxic, but if manufacturers add cheap, inferior chemicals for profit and cheapness, then those rubber products will certainly have some toxicity, and The color of rubber products mixed with inferior chemicals will not be colorless, but there will be some impurity colors, so you can identify them from the color of rubber products.
In recent years, the rubber industry has achieved great development. The sub-sectors have been steadily rising, and the new rubber sub-sectors are developing rapidly. At the same time, the rubber industry also has problems such as environment, resources, disasters and innovation. Therefore, in order to achieve rapid and sustained development of plastic products, it is necessary to make improvements and adjustments in the industrial structure. I believe that as the development prospects of China's rubber industry continue to expand. The industrial structure of the rubber industry will have a relatively large change. The new products and replacement products will continue to increase, the application of new materials and new processes will be further expanded, and the overall production technology will have significant progress.