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O-type rubber sealing ring is one of the more commonly […]

O-type rubber sealing ring is one of the more commonly used sealing parts. Many people are not very clear about the technical requirements of the sealing ring material and hardness when making the selection. Then Dongshengdi Seal tells you.Since the rubber is an elastic material, deformation occurs under load, especially in the case of high pressure, which causes the sealing ring to squeeze into the sealing gap, affecting the floating property and causing the sealing property to fail.

Therefore, it is reasonable to select the hardness and cross-sectional diameter of the o-ring rubber seal according to the pressure of use. Generally, a seal with a relatively high hardness is selected at a high pressure, and a seal having a relatively low hardness is selected at a low pressure. The hardness of the commonly used rubber o-rubber seal is Shore's 70plusmn。

The mold parting surface of the O-ring for manufacturing mechanical seals should be avoided as far as possible from the inner and outer sides and the upper and lower side working faces, generally 45deg; mold opening to ensure good sealing performance. The cross-sectional dimensions should be uniform, and the cross-sectional shape is referred to the following figure.

The surface of the o-type rubber seal must be smooth and flat, and there must be no defects such as irregularities, bubbles, and impurities.Therefore, when you choose the o-type rubber seal, you need to combine your own working conditions. If you choose it is difficult, you can consult the seal manufacturer. Dongshengdi seals the sealing ring manufacturer with 17 years of R&D and production experience, and can design suitable sealing ring for customers.

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