Rubber seal products in the automotive sector


Auto parts auto parts are inseparable from rubber and r […]

Auto parts auto parts are inseparable from rubber and rubber seal products. In addition to the tire rubber products that most people can easily see, the structure, size and function of various rubber seal materials are many.

Dongpu seals tell you that there are more than one hundred kinds of rubber parts on average, and the number of rubber parts is 200 to 500, and the glue consumption can reach 60 kg. Automotive rubber parts, accounting for about 6% of the total cost of the car.

Rubber parts for automobiles, except for the large parts of the tires, other rubber products are small parts, but they are installed on key parts. For example, the engine seals, axles, axles, etc. of the car must use oil seals.

But Rubber oil seal is the key to ensure the normal operation of these components. It is safe for cars and durable. Therefore, rubber parts are called "functional cells" of automobiles.

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