Rubber rope application field


The use of rubber products is too wide. The following c […]

The use of rubber products is too wide. The following can only be limited. Industrial aspects: Tires, seals, seals, insulation boards, wire quilts, protective coils for electric cabinets, wire cutters, gloves, pneumatic mechanisms Buffer block. life aspects: rain boots, travel shoes, artificial leather supplies, rubber gloves, pacifiers, waterproof layer of umbrella cloth, mouse pad. sporting goods all kinds of balls basketball, volleyball, Rubber is a kind of basic raw material. In all aspects, it is carbon black that is filled with rubber products!

In domestic black rubber products, all add carbon black, white or light-colored products and white carbon black. As long as it is a rubber product factory, carbon black will be used! Moreover, the proportion of carbon black in rubber products is about . General rubber  General rubber: such as . Name English name abbreviation nitrile rubber nitrile rubber NBR oil resistance Good, commonly known as oil-proof glue, often used as oil seal.

Natural Rubber Natural Rubber NR has good elasticity and good overall performance, but it is poor in cold resistance and alkali resistance. It is often used as the world's cheapest rubber, Styrene Butadiene rubber SBR. Ethylene propylene diene rubber  Good corrosion resistance, good insulation properties for wear-resistant materials or high-voltage electrical materials neoprene CR wear resistance, chlorosulfonated polyethylene  cold resistance good Polytetradyafluoroethylene PTFE plastic king, excellent acid and alkali resistance, resistant to fluoric acid. It is widely used and can be used as a corrosive liquid pipeline.

It is suitable for AC rated voltages of  and below power tools, construction lighting and machine interiors require soft or mobile places for electrical connections or cloth . 1. The long-term allowable operating temperature of the cable should not exceed The cable has certain weather resistance and certain oil resistance. Suitable for outdoor or oily occasions. 3. The cable has flame retardancy and meets the single vertical burning requirement of  When the cable is at , the insulation resistance between the insulated cores is above 50 MΩKM. 5. Electrical equipment and tools cable can withstand the action of large mechanical external force. Product characteristics: rubber is very soft, good elasticity, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, UV resistance, good flexibility, high strength, this is not a general plastic The line is comparable.

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