Multifunctional silicone gloves


Wash your dishes without your hands. In the past, when […]

Wash your dishes without your hands. In the past, when washing dishes, when the hand with the dishwashing detergent accidentally slipped, the light made a loud noise, and the dish was flowered and broken, which cost both the cleaning energy and the mood of the day. The bowl gloves are a strong insurance for the bowl. Compared with the human skin, the silicone material itself has a huge friction. Hold the bowl tightly in your hand and don't worry about “making a big disaster”.

The inside of the palm of the multi-functional silicone glove is designed with a large piece of soft thorn. Compared with the sponge, the area of ​​contact with the air is larger. Compared with the rag, the same dishwashing powder has a larger amount of foaming and is more convenient to pick up. With multi-functional silicone gloves, you only need to squeeze in a small amount of dishwashing detergent to get more foam, and the cleaning power is stronger. The dishwashing saves cost and saves effort.

Since it is known as a multi-functional silicone dishwashing glove, it is more than a "washing dish". Gloves made of high-grade silicone insulation, microwave-heated meals, and easy-out, the cake in the oven is no longer a hot worry. In addition to dishwashing, this glove is also the assistant of the bakery, the transporter when cooking the hot pot, the convenience of doing things, and the dish is safe. There are often long hair falling on the floor of the house, and the pets that are kept on the sofa leave fluff on the sofa, and the thick dust accumulates on the bookshelf.

The thorn-like design on the inside of the silicone gloves can easily grasp the fine dirt. "Not to mention the tile, the pool, combined with the easy foaming function, just wear a glove to wipe a wipe, eliminating the layering process, you can use this pair of gloves to wash vegetables and fruits, sludge deposited in the roots , you can be clean. The function of multi-functional silicone gloves is far more than this. It is waterproof, oil-proof, non-slip, easy to foam, high temperature and easy to clean. It is an inexpensive and essential item at home. Gloves protect your hands and change your life.

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