The role of rubber gasket


About the role of rubber gaskets. The following is the […]

About the role of rubber gaskets. The following is the role of rubber gaskets introduced by Suzhou Pingu Rubber & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.
 Natural rubber gasket, natural rubber gasket, natural rubber flange gasket. What is the role of the chemical components of natural rubber? Natural rubber is a natural polymer compound containing about 10% of non-rubber components in addition to the main component of rubber hydrocarbons (see Table I). These non-rubber components have their role and are briefly described below.
    (]) Acetone extracts are mainly composed of fatty acids and
Sterols. Fatty acids are a vulcanization activator that promotes vulcanization.
The intoxication and certain reducing substances have the effect of preventing aging.
      (2) Water-soluble substances Water-soluble substances mainly have some influence on the plasticity and water absorption of raw rubber. Therefore, attention should be paid to the action of water-soluble substances for waterproof products and insulating rubber products. In addition, there are some large molecular weight fatty acids or ethers of fatty acids that can be extracted with an alcohol base solution.
      (3) Ash and ash are mainly inorganic salts such as calcium and magnesium.
Metal salts such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, and copper and manganese in microdisks.
Into the role of rubber aging. Some of the former salts have been left in the whey when the latex is solidified.
Medium, so the ash content in the raw rubber is less than the ash content in the latex.
      (4) Nitrogen-containing compounds in protein natural rubber are all proteins. Protein is easily spoiled and odorous in rubber, but protein has anti-aging effect. If protein is removed, the aging process of raw rubber will accelerate. Alkaline nitrides in proteins and alcohol-soluble eggs have the effect of promoting vulcanization. Because of the water absorption of proteins, it is not conducive to the manufacture of electrically insulating rubber products.