How to make silicone products


The design of the artwork is generally based on the sam […]

The design of the artwork is generally based on the sample size provided by the customer to stop the production of the artwork, using a variety of stereoscopic drawing and 3D drawing software. If the customer can't provide the sample, we can follow the customer's request and charge the customer to complete the artwork. Design and production. The mold opening is based on the designed programming times of the mold master, and is completed on the CNC machine of the company.

Some of the more difficult ones need to be discharged by the spark machine copper work. Therefore, the manufacturing technology content is relatively high, and the time is relatively longer; usually the large model is accounted for by 10 days. With the mold, it will be faster to produce. According to the color code of the world's Pantone color card specified by the customer, the color difference is very small, and 98% of the color swatches can be produced. The required materials are all environmentally friendly silica gel materials, and the hardness is selected from 30 degrees to 70 degrees. The production process is carried out according to the specifications on the work instructions.

After the mold is installed on the machine and warmed up to the appropriate temperature, the output value of a machine is about 100,000 pcs per day. After the product comes out, it is checked by the quality personnel of the workshop. The main reflection is whether it meets the inspection standard. If there is any discrepancy, it will be scrapped and reworked. Rework disposal, etc. The products produced will have residual edges, and there may be a batch of fronts. After passing the inspection by the quality control department, the products will be sent to the post-process department to stop trimming. After repairing the side, it is the finished product.

It is also necessary to send the finished product back to the quality control department to reflect on the quality of the trimming, whether there is any unqualified product, and if it is determined to be reworked. For the products that pass the inspection, the packaging department stops the packaging according to the customer's requirements. Usually every pack and 10 packs per box, perhaps 20 packs per box, stop packing according to customer requirements. After the packaging is completed, the quality control department OQC reflects the quantity, check the product model and other related quality problems, stop sealing without asking any questions. And sent to the warehouse for delivery.

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