High temperature gasket


Ceramic fiber gasket is a high temperature resistant an […]

Ceramic fiber gasket is a high temperature resistant anti-corrosion sealing gasket that can directly contact the flame and mainly works in a sealed and anti-corrosion environment with a temperature higher than 1000 °C. Low cost, ideal for high temperature resistant anti-corrosion gaskets.

Ceramic fiber gasket Product Description: Ceramic fiber gasket is non-brittle material, high strength, accurate size, can be made according to customer needs in various forms, with good heat insulation, sealing, fire resistance, direct contact with flame.

The classification temperature can reach 1050~1450 °C high temperature sealing gasket production process: the HB hard ceramic fiber paper with special slag ball content is finished by punching, shaping and stamping, the gasket error is small, installation and use Convenience.

Ceramic fiber gaskets are ceramic fiber shaped products that are produced in order to meet the heat insulation, sealing and anti-corrosion of special parts of certain thermal equipment.

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