Etched foil heaters to hazardous


Provider of flexible heating, insulating and temperatur […]

Provider of flexible heating, insulating and temperature control solutions, recently announced additions and improvements to its silicone heating blanket line. Silicone blankets are versatile surface heaters used for freeze protection, process control, viscosity control and condensation prevention.BriskHeat now offers five different silicone heater lines with a broad range of custom choices.

Options range from heavy-duty silicone heaters to ultra-thin etched foil heaters to hazardous-area-rated heaters. According to the company, features include built-in temperature control,custom cut-outs and configurability to nearly any shape, size and power.For composites industry applications, silicone blankets are most often used to concentrate heat in a particular area as opposed to curing a composite part in an oven.

parts can be too large to fit or oven curing may apply heat to areas where it is undesirable. BriskHeat’s silicone heating blankets can be controlled by products such as the ACR3 Hot Bonder or MPC2 Multipoint Control Panel.

Both of these devices are capable of accurately controlling several steps of a slow temperature ramp, soak and cool down  steps required for composite repair as well as curing of new composite parts being manufactured. Silicone blankets can also be used for preheating tooling after the prepreg material has been laid-up or for curing adhesives during bonding processes.

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