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Have you ever seen a movie where the bad guys steal mon […]

Have you ever seen a movie where the bad guys steal money by taking just a few pennies a day from thousands of different accounts? They don't know they've been taken until well after the damage has been done. If your hair care products contain silicone, something similar could be happening to you.Most individuals are aware of the damage caused to hair by chemical treatments such as bleaching, coloring, permanents, relaxers or chlorine.

but the most common causes of hair damage occur on a daily basis and most of us are totally unaware of it, thanks to the deceptive nature of silicone.Consider the following scenario. You're using a shampoo that smells good and the packaging looks nice in your shower. It foams up nicely and so long as you condition it and style it properly, your hair looks smooth and shiny. But one day you run out of conditioner and your normal styling product is also in low supply. When your hair dries, it is less than a good hair day.

Maybe it's dull, maybe it's a little frizzy or fuzzy. Maybe it's a full-blown frizz ball. Maybe it's a ponytail kind of day. Has this ever happened to you or anyone you know? If so, you can be almost 100% certain that your hair has been suffering damage on a daily basis and silicone has been covering it up.Even if you aren't one of the millions who color their hair or undergo some other form of regular chemical treatment, your hair is still being damaged regularly, even if it isn't visible until one of those infamous bad hair days.

For example, the harsh detergents in many shampoos have been proven for years to cause damage that causes the hair to become dull, dry and frizzy. However, the silicone in conditioners and styling products provides a slippery, smooth outer layer that covers it up - just like Armor All on a car's dashboard. A deception is occurring. You're going through your days not realizing that under that thin layer of silicone, the damage is worsening. If you're unknowingly using silicone on your hair, it is highly likely that you're paying for products that are literally robbing you - of your money and your beautiful hair.

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