Approval use as well as compliance


Uncovered openings in fire separations abondon the fire […]

Uncovered openings in fire separations abondon the fire resistance ratings of fire separations that include them, allowing spread of fire off the limits of fire safety plan of the entire building. A Fire Stop System is designed to build up the fire-resistance ratings of rated wall and floor assemblies by blocking the spread of fire through openings by filling them with fire resistant materials such as Penetration Seals or Cable Coating Australia.

Fire RatingA Fire Stop System achieves a fire rating by incorporating certain fire blocking materials in an arrangement specific to an item such as, pipe and cable, penetrating the fire rated wall and floor, or the construction of the fire rated wall & floor itself. The materials used in Fire Stop System do not have ratings on their own. For example, a two-hour rated pipe Penetration Seals firestop may consist of a layer of fastening over packed rockwool. This overall system provides the 2 hour rating, and not the caulking.

However, the individual firestop materials and overall firestop assembly both are 'listed' for approval use and compliance.Maintenance of Fire Stop SystemThe maintaining of Fire Stop System should be done as per the listing, approval use as well as compliance. Construction documentation may sometimes include an inventory of all Fire Stop Systems in a building, with drawings showing location and the certification listings of each system. Using construction documentation, the building owner can abide by the requirements of the fire code nodal to fire barriers during the time of building occupation.

Otherwise, improper protection may result, which will violate the fire code, and could also allow a fire to propagate in areas connoted by code to be separated during the event of fire.It is also necessary to secure the life of the building to employ new electrical cables or may be mechanical systems passing through a hole in a fire rated barrier which has been accrately fire stopped during initial construction. In order to maintain the resolution of the original fire stop system of the building, fire stop re-entries must be performed in compliance with certification listing on which, the original installed configuration was based.

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