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What material is good for heat pad

1. Cotton insulation pad
Made of cotton or pure cotton, it is highly absorbent, soft and easy to clean. If it is used with high-grade tableware, it will add luster to the dining table.
2. Bamboo heat insulation pad
The shape is changeable and the heat insulation is the best, effectively preventing damage to the dining table.
3. Hemp insulation pad
Made of hemp material, good heat insulation, firm, insect-resistant and long life.
4. Paper insulation pad
Made of environmentally friendly materials, it has good thermal insulation, light weight, many styles, and it is not washable.
5. Silicone heat insulation pad
Good thermal insulation, easy scrubbing, many styles and shapes, no fading.
Recommended heat insulation pad for dining table-bamboo insulation pad
First choice for home dining table. Using Phyllostachys pubescens as the raw material and advanced manufacturing methods, it has many advantages such as good toughness, high strength, no decay, no cracks and so on.
Recommended heat insulation pad for dining table-silicone pad heat insulation
Environmental protection and health, good thermal insulation, no fading, easy to clean, no deformation, easy to use. You must buy 100% silicone, fake and shoddy products are not only of poor quality, but also cause safety problems.