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What are the advantages of silicone insulation pad


Silicone heat insulation pads are generally made of food grade molded silicone. After secondary vulcanization, they are generally odorless products that can withstand high temperatures, drop resistance, and are non-slip, easy to clean. It mainly has the following advantages:

1. Environmental protection, using food grade silicone high temperature vulcanization, soft material, good toughness, good resilience, no odor;

2. High and low temperature resistance, the temperature range that can withstand is -40 degrees to +230 degrees;

3. Long service life, and hardly react with other chemicals;

4. Electrical insulation performance, silicone pad products have good electrical insulation performance;

5. Beautiful colors, you can customize the color and logo you want;

6. Easy to clean, just rinse with clean water and can be recycled.