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Special anti scalding gloves for thickened silica gel stone pot

This imported product is made of high-quality silica gel material. To prevent scalding and heat insulation, the finger sleeve is resistant to high temperature of 230 degrees, and the casserole is not afraid of scalding! Silicone material, strong toughness, not easy to deform, durable, small finger case design, good anti-skid effect, not easy to slip more stable. Increased design, soft and moderate elasticity, can be washed directly with water, simple and convenient, it is a good helper for your kitchen

The public dining guide is a specially designed food sharing service platform for young women. It provides food service platform for the majority of young women to share food, food, food, food and community services. It hopes to make the food experience tour more interesting by the high-end service of the American food life guide. A journey of pleasure.