Rubber Manufacturers

Rubber is a material that rapidly and strongly recovers its deformation under large deformation and can be modified (vulcanized).

The modified rubber is substantially insoluble in boiling solvents such as benzene, methyl-ethanone, ethanol-toluene mixtures.

When modified rubber stretches to twice than its original length at room temperature (18~29℃) and kept for a minute. Then, removing the external force, it can recover to less 1.5 times than  the original length in a minute, the material with the above characteristics is called rubber.
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  • closed rubber grommets is like a circular tube or ring that is characteristically inserted into a hole in a thin material such as metal, wood or plastic.

  • It is the ideal tiny rubber grommets to use when space is restricted since it does not protrude and eat up a lot of space. It is ergonomically better since you don’t have to manually screw them into place.

  • epdm rubber grommets is to protect wires and items passing through by fill holes in panels for cushioning, sealing, insulation.

  • Our rubber thick rubber grommets carry out RMA A2 Precision tolerances and can be made for a variety of industries and uses. It can be bonded to metal parts or other pieces for reinforcement or other functional or cosmetic purposes.

  • Cable management is one of the most common use of Cable management rubber grommets, specially used to ensure safety and efficiency of cables and wires.

  • thick panel rubber grommets are common in rings, inserted into or through a hole or puncture in a material typically used to prevent wear, tearing or abrasion. In this way, it can guard the material where the thick panel rubber grommets is settled, or even to protect other materials, like wires, cables, or tubing passing through the hole.

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